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NO MORE OPIOIDS! Seek help from a sports therapist.

July 20th, 2020

You’ve seen the headlines, and you know that opioids are the major driver behind the widespread drug crisis in America. We also know that if you or a loved one has chronic pain, you may be feeling frustrated and confused about your options. At our sports therapy clinic, we stand with the Centers for Disease

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The Role of Sports Therapy in Relieving Chronic Pain

July 10th, 2020

Chronic pain is extremely common – with over 100 million sufferers in the U.S. alone – so if you are struggling with chronic pain, you are definitely not alone. Standard pain medications have so many undesirable qualities that you cannot rely on them fully to treat your pain, which can leave you wondering if you

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Why it’s Important to Get Active! Here are 5 Fun Activities for all Fitness Levels.

June 22nd, 2020

Maintaining a high level of physical activity can possibly lengthen your life as well as improve the overall quality. Finding the time or the motivation to exercise is difficult for many people. The key is to find a fun activity that you enjoy doing and that also fits your current fitness level. The following are

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